Michael Heuberger
Co-Founder and CEO

Take care of people and think for the customer.

Michael is the Co-Founder, CEO, and serves on the Board of Directors of ExactlyIT. Before founding ExactlyIT, Michael was the CEO & President of Freudenberg IT LP (FIT) and held multiple managerial positions for Freudenberg IT Global. Michael’s vision for FIT led to it being a $100 Million Managed Service Provider for companies’ most business-critical applications, e.g., SAP, and served more than 200 Fortune 1000 and global companies. 

Previous to Freudenberg IT, Michael was in various management positions at Infor Global Solutions and responsible for developing core Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Professional Services, and Product Management. 

Michael began his career in Machine Engineering and Electronics at IMA, where he designed and built complex high-speed assembly machines for consumer products. He eventually became the CIO and implemented an ERP system across all departments.

Michael has a great understanding of multiple industries and their needs; he strongly believes in robust and functional sound but manageable IT solutions. Standards, compliance, automation, and customer satisfaction are the primary driver of his day-to-day work. Together with Mohammad and Kevin, Michael enjoys combining the rich experience he earned during his career and countless customer projects to create attractive products and services for ExactlyIT's customers.

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