Command Center Analyst

Puebla, Mexico

The Configuration Management Database (CMDB) Analyst role is a key player in the development and maintenance of an organizations Configuration Management System (CMS). Through close collaboration with resources from various departments, analyzing the details of system diagrams, and leveraging expertise in a wide variety of tools (i.e. SolarWinds, Cisco Prime, AirWatch, InTune, ServiceNow, IFS Assyst, Odoo, Qualys, etc.), the Analyst gathers details/data regarding assets known as Configuration Items (CIs). Once the data is properly gathered, sorted, configured, and normalized, it is ready for upload into the CMS. Configuration Items represent assets belonging to the overall infrastructure; therefore, it is critical to identify and establish their relationships with other CIs.

The CMDB functions as the single “source-of-truth” for managing an IT environment and must only be modified through proper change management. The CMDB System Analyst plays a vital role in ensuring the change process is properly engaged, ensuring that CI information is accurate, and all data meets the highest standards in quality.


General Accountabilities

  • Gather information regarding Configuration Items (CIs) from a variety sources/tools and system diagrams and drawings of various formats (PDF, Visio, MS Word, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • Ensure that CI data is properly formatted and configured using advanced features within Microsoft Excel or other software platforms.
  • Ensure all Configuration Items (CIs) are properly formatted, uploaded, and maintained within the CMS/CMDB
  • Enforce the implementation of policies and procedures to assure compliance with applicable regulatory and legal requirements as well as ITSM and ITIL best practices.
  • Provide guidance on implementing the CMS/CMDB change management processes to ensure compliance with established policies, standards, procedures, work instructions, playbooks, and customer contract obligations.
  • Support incident management staff in Incident Response (IR), Incident Management activities as needed.
  • Serve as an escalation point to properly route CMDB related events and incidents to the appropriate teams, stakeholders, processes, and workflows.
  • Conduct continuous benchmarking of industry trends and standards to identify program improvements and best practices.
  • Contribute to the oversight and monitoring of the CMS/CMDB by working with the appropriate risk management and compliance teams.
  • Support internal and external audits where the CMS/CMDB is in scope.
  • Contribute to the development and maintenance of policies, standards, procedures, methodologies, work instructions, and knowledge base documents to ensure that best practices are enforced.
  • Participate in the delivery of company-wide awareness and training activities.
  • Participate in industry relevant workshops, conventions, and working groups.
  • Collaborate with and support all other departments in the execution of company objectives.
Job Qualifications


  • Bachelor’s Degree in an IT/computer-based area of study, or equivalent experience in a related field
  • ITSM foundation training.



  • At least 3 years of work experience in Information Systems or related field.
  • Working with ITIL processes for change management and ticket management desired.
  • Enterprise Infrastructure Experience is a plus.
  • Data gathering and documentation.
  • Advanced Spreadsheet (Excel) functions.
  • Web-based tools/platforms.
  • Proficiency in Java and other scripting preferred.


Professional Skills
  • Fluent English language skills required: verbal and written communication.
  • Have strong inter-personal and communication skills: capable of training users in complex topics and making presentations to internal groups. 
  • Able to write intricate system and user documentation.
  • Experience working with multicultural teams and customers.
  • Self-motivated and disciplined.
  • Strong stakeholder relationship management skills.
  • Strong investigative and analysis skills.
  • Strong technical and process design and implementation skills.
  • Experience defining, creating and managing procedures.