Updates V1.0


01/20/2021 6pm EST. 
New functionality:

1) Sales template for product's template

In the sales section of a product's template, now a sales template can be selected. The field enables a product to point to another product template.


01/12/2021 6pm EST. 
New functionality:

1) Locked status for closed Tickets.

Just admin users can reopen the closed tickets

2) Edit mode for tasks to speed up workflow management e.g. changes, service request with workflow tasks. 

To edit a workflow in the ticket directly, click on the edit symbol and it will open the workflow tasks in edit mode. If the ticket is not in edit mode, workflows can be edited through a click on the task itself and a popup window will be opened to edit the tasks.

3) Workflow start/stop time recording on edit mode

4) Stage category added to Helpdesk module stages.

5) Parent-child ticket relation

In situations of multi outages e.g. Public Cloud Outages, Network Provider Outages etc. we expect a high number of tickets from different customers which we want to manage through a parent/child relationship in a main (parent) ticket. The parent ticket is the main ticket to manage the incident, the assigned child tickets will be updated for status (solved, closed only) and the related messages (if any configured) will be sent to the child tickets.

  • How to create a parent ticket?: Create a new ticket. Assign to ExactlyIT in case multiple customers are affected or to the customer main contact in case this is for a single customer incident.

  • Add child tickets?: Similar tickets are prefiltered, additional filters, grouping and search can be applied.

  • After the selection of child tickets, the ticket is marked as parent 

  • After the selection of child tickets, the ticket is marked as parent 

  • Ticket update / process -> no update to related child ticket

  • Ticket solved / closed state -> related tickets get updated and the status gets changed.

Possible configurations
  • Helpdesk Stage Category -> child tickets in that stage will be updated.

  • Helpdesk stage assignment

What you should not do with parent/child relationship
  • Mass closing

  • Here is only one parent. The last parent selected will override the others.

6) Team lead role for Helpdesk Module.

We created a new role. The teamlead role can access to SLA reporting in Helpdesk module. With this feature the teamlead can explore the tickets SLA status for the tickets. The SLA result can be grouped with different ticket fields.

  • You need to click on the reporting menu of the Helpdesk module. After that, select the SLA Analysis submenu.

  • The default view shows you the last 7 days information for SLA Failed and Ticket Failed measures for all the teams. You can select different grouping, filters and search in the following interface.

7) Is visible field added to website menu items.

This option enables to select which menus are being shown for user groups in the website. 


12/14/2020 6pm EST. 
New functionality:

1) User will be able to change ticket stages only in EDIT mode.

2) All ticket stages besides OPEN require 'Assigned to' filled. It can be adjusted in the stage settings through 'Mandatory User Assign' checkbox. Stage Group need to be maintained. 

3) Ticket message OPT-OUT, contacts can be set to OPT-OUT of any ticket related mails. Settings is done in contacts and gets recognized by the ticket message system.

4) Mass ticket closing. In the TICKETS menu there is a new ACTION item 'Close tickets'. Select the tickets to be closed and select the 'Close tickets' menu to mass close the selected tickets. There is no rollback function in case the wrong tickets got closed, a manual rollback is required.